Because we care for you and  your family, the pastor and deacons of Pocahontas Baptist Church are committed to the Deacon family  Ministry plan.  We want to make certain that every member and  family in our church experience the love and support of the whole congregation. .

What is the Deacon Family Ministry Plan?  It is a plan through which  the deacons can join the pastor and Church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each church member  and family.  The resident  church families are divided into groups. Each group of families is then assigned to a deacon who will minister to them over a period  of time .

A part of each deacon’s meeting is spent praying about specific needs of families and in rejoicing over needs met and victories won. Below you will find the name of your Family

Elton smith

Peggy Adams 
Reda Ainsworth
Norma Allen
Mattie Blackwell
Mac Davis
Sue Dockery 
Steven Edwards

JoAnn Ginn

Greg Hall

Mary  Jones

Michael Leach

Robert Moss

George Parham

Mary Randazzo

David Rees

John Rees

Mary Roberts

Marion Ruff

Todd Timlake

Kerney Shearer

Maxine Smithhart

Maggie Weed

Jimmy Williams

David Dockery

Perry Abels
Nancy Berryhill
Judy Boyd

Eric Bullard
Thames Burchfield
James Cooper
Ginger Fendlason
Kent Langdon
Jamie Langdon
Mike King
Rachel King
Don Maddox
Chris Martin
Michael Miller
Lois McQueen
Michael Owens
Dot Perry
Patty Pettis
Alex Trotter

Bradley Vanlandingham
Andy Vanlandingham 
Eric Welch
Bill White
Michelle Wilkerson
Bridget Williams

Andy Vanlandingham

Garry Arthur
Ann Ashcraft
Don Austin
Tim  Brown
Steve  Byrd
Mary Champion
Jason Cunningham
Robert Dawson
David Dockery
Lisa Ellis
Walter Jordan
Lanny Landrum
Nell Mason
Judo Roberts
Bob Rollins
Jerry Sims
Leigh Ann Vanlandingham
Rodney Walker
Juanita Willaims
Myra Young



Marvin Barlow
Drewey Berry
Christopher Burns
Judy Burns
Sid Champion
Dot Chisolm
Desiree Crenshaw
Joey Crocker
Sue Crocker
Claudia Duncan
Caleb Jones
Marie Jones

Lemuel  Lewis
Robert Martin
Steve Martin
Derrick Milner
Rocky Sherman
Elton Smith
Oliver Stringer
Tina Taylor
John Triplett
Lane Vargas
George Whitfield
Courtney Williams

 Jerry Sims

Susan Beasley
Charles Brock
Tommy Cagle
Mary Clark
Jimmy Cox
Tommy  Davis
Win Girod
Jacob Hester
Susan Hester
Peggy King
Pat Lents
Will Lynchard
Kenny McFarland
Faith Sikes
Meredith Sills
Helen Swann
James Vance
Jody Vance
Mike Walters
Freida Watson
Billy Williams
Elise Williams

Will Lynchard 

Bill Adams, Jr
Kathy Arnold 
Lauren Arnold
Larry Barlow
Eileen Baugher
Kelsie Butts
Jim Carson
Leon Campbell
Larry Collett
Vivian Collins
Joe Dan Dawson
Ruby Dawson
Dot Green
Doris Hart
Dot Lammons
Cindy Lewis
Robert Parker
Gary Rees
Craig Roberton
Faye Russell
Donnie Thomas
Steven Walters

Matt Williamson
Marge Wilson




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